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Doping is done on race day to enhance their performance or to mask injuries and to get unsound horses on the track. Doping in performance horses is defined as the “illegal application of any substance, except normal diet, that might modify the natural and present capacities of the horse at the time of the race.” The prohibition of doping is mainly based on the protection of animals.

National Dope Testing Laboratory got NABL Accreditation of Horse Dope Testing facility in April, 2014 and started routine testing for horse urine and blood samples from July 2014 received from Hyderabad race club. Currently, NDTL also receiving samples from Royal Calcutta Turf Club, Kolkata, Bangalore Turf Club, Banglore, & Royal Western India Turf Club, Mumbai.  NDTL has been successfully participating and qualifying in the proficiency testing rounds, since 2012 conducted by the Association of Official Racing Chemists (AORC).  NDTL is also collaborating with other race clubs.

In addition, NDTL is also carrying out pre-purchase, testing feed contamination & supplement testing.

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